Style Continuing Power of Attorney

In a recent court decision 1 the Sheriff has questioned whether a commonly used style of deed of Continuing Power of Attorney in fact complies with the requirements of s15 of the Adults With Incapacity (Scotland) Act 20002. Perhaps a little embarassing for the Office of the Public Guardian, it is the style they themselves suggest on their website3
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Tartan Nation

Tartan is synonymous with Scotland. Whether or not we invented it, we have appropriated it as a symbol of our nation and it is one of the elements which all foreigners recognise as “Scottish”.
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Kant get service – putting it through the Mills

A gentleman on Twitter made an interesting comment: “If you’re OK with Selfridges refusing to serve the EDL, you also need to be OK with B&Bs refusing gay couples”.1

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View through a Crystal Ball darkly…

Inspired by an interesting talk by SF writer Charlie Stross1 about what society might be like in 40-50 years time, I was thinking about what the Scottish Legal Profession might be like in a similar timescale. The problem as Mr Stross points out is that it is fairly easy to extrapolate current trends over the next 10 years, but after that you know that currently unforeseeable events will occur and change things significantly.
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Paying the Victim Bill

The new Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Bill has been introduced at the Scottish Parliament1, intended to give victims and witnesses more information on the progress of court cases, and compensate the victims of crime for their losses. All very laudable, but there are a few issues with the proposed legislation that should be addressed.
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Torrents of Abuse

In recent news reports an Austrian man William Weber was charged in connection with distributing child pornography because illegal images were detected being transferred by his computer. Just another pervert getting caught? No, because this Server computer was in fact a “Tor Exit Node”, so the data going through it was nothing to do with him.
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Actus interveniens…

Apologies for the delay in posting on this blog. Just after the last post, I discovered that someone who is taking rather a lot of money to do a particular job was in fact failing to do the work required for that job; nor would they provide any information about what they had or had not done. Therefore I’ve had to devote my time to doing their job for them, and while it is still not finished, I’m at least in a position where I can look at other things as well (third party incompetency permitting). Therefore usual service will resume shortly…


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