Buy Titled Plots from Atlantic Titles Ltd

Buy a plot of land in the Atlantic starting at only £29.99, together with title “Warlord of Atlantis”!

You may style yourself “Warlord of Atlantis”
When you buy land from Atlantic Titles, you will become the beneficial owner of the plot of land that you selected. Whilst all people are free to refer to themselves as Warlords, it is only those who own land sold by us that have a genuine reason to do so.
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Style Continuing Power of Attorney

In a recent court decision 1 the Sheriff has questioned whether a commonly used style of deed of Continuing Power of Attorney in fact complies with the requirements of s15 of the Adults With Incapacity (Scotland) Act 20002. Perhaps a little embarassing for the Office of the Public Guardian, it is the style they themselves suggest on their website3
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View through a Crystal Ball darkly…

Inspired by an interesting talk by SF writer Charlie Stross1 about what society might be like in 40-50 years time, I was thinking about what the Scottish Legal Profession might be like in a similar timescale. The problem as Mr Stross points out is that it is fairly easy to extrapolate current trends over the next 10 years, but after that you know that currently unforeseeable events will occur and change things significantly.
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Torrents of Abuse

In recent news reports an Austrian man William Weber was charged in connection with distributing child pornography because illegal images were detected being transferred by his computer. Just another pervert getting caught? No, because this Server computer was in fact a “Tor Exit Node”, so the data going through it was nothing to do with him.
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Abusing Corroboration

The Solicitor General of Scotland has recently put back on the table the idea of the abolition of corroboration in Scots Criminal law. The reason given to the Press is that this might lead to more convictions in domestic abuse cases.
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Cyberspace – the lawless mirage

“Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators” ~ William Gibson, Burning Chrome

Cyberspace is not a physical location; neither is “the internet”, or “the web”. It is worth bearing this in mind when listening to various people pontificating on whether or not “real world” law does or should apply to these “places”. William Gibson’s original definition when he coined the term Cyberspace is still accurate; like a corporation1, day to day we all pretend that this mental construct has an actual reality in the universe instead of being a metaphor for a complex form for human interaction2.
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A living wage from Legal Aid? The tale of Petunia Perfect

Petunia Perfect, the perfect Solicitor, sets up her Legal Aid practice in Scotland in November 2011. She is 5 years qualified now, so able to be a sole practitioner, but she’s going to stick to working 9 to 5 with an hour for lunch, 5 days a week, with 28 days a year holiday.

Since she is only doing Legal Aid work, obviously her fee income is going to be based on SLAB rates. These are quite complicated, but attendance with a client under Advice & Assistance is £51 per hour. Since Petunia Perfect is perfect therefore every single hour of her working week earns this rate; she saves up all her work on correspondence, preparing papers etc. until she has enough that she can bang enough of them out within an hour that she will still get the £51.

She does all her CPD outside office hours, never does pro bono work, and never even sees a client in the office who won’t qualify for Legal Aid. Every minute of every working day is spent earning that £51 per hour.

For, at 35 hours a week, 48 weeks a year of perfect work, her accounts to SLAB will be £85,680.00. Pretty good fee income don’t you think.
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